Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remembering Zeke

Team rider Jeffrey Myers did the honors of covering this year's annual "Zeke's Lil Rat Surfcus", which was published on easternsurf.com as an online editorial "Fight Club feature."  As quoted in the article, "For those who didn't have the opportunity to know Zeke, his smile could change your day. When I reflect on grommethood, I remember that smile and those times when responsibility was the least of my worries. That time in a child’s life is special, and I’d like to be able to say that at least I tried to make it happier, easier, or any bit more memorable for these groms. I saw Zeke's smile all day at the contest this year, dancing its way across our surfing community once again. Long live the 2nd Pole.”  –Thriving VB artist, comedian, mentor to VB's next generation, and event coordinator Alex “Burd” Burdett"

Be sure to check out the photos and Jeff's editorial here.

R.I.P Zeke Sanders 1976 - 2006

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ability July 2012 webisode | Rodanthe NC

A fun, little, July south swell graced the Outer Banks last week!  Managed to capture a few clips and put together a webisode for this month!  Antwoine drove up from SC and surfed with the rest of the fam-  Seth 'Wally' Barrick, Cody Craig, Christian Kane, Patagonia's Kim Diggs, and Analog's Mark Dawson.  Enjoy!

Antwoine stopped in for a visit

Team rider Antwoine Langley made the hike up to the Outer Banks from Pawley's Island, SC to surf last week during a windy, July, south swell.  Photographer Mickey "2M" McCarthy managed to capture a photo of Ant despite the circus at New Inlet!

Teamer Antwoine Langley | Mickey '2M' McCarthy capture

Trunks in Carolina with Seth, Dawson, and Friends

Fun, little edit featuring our boy Seth 'Wally' Barrick, Analog's Mark Dawson, and friends!
Warm Water + trunks + Fujiwara = Free Skillet now.


JR went to Nicaragua

Our boy J.R. Coulson went to Nicaragua a few weeks ago.  Here are some photos and a video that will make you jealous and will definitely help motivate you to start planning your next trip! 

photos and video by Ability traveler and video guy J.R. Coulson

Jeff and Christian made a little video spotlighting our "Night Life" tee! Yah boys!

Check out this little edit team skater Jeff Myers and videographer Christian Doswell put together featuring our "Night Life" tee shirt!

Team skater Jeff Myers | videography and edit by Christian Doswell | Richmond, VA


Our boy Nick checked in from South Carolina a few weeks ago with some photos captured by Chad Lefevre at Corduroy Photography-  Nice work boys!

Teamer Nick Smith | photos Chad Lefevre - Corduroy Photography

Updates and a Lame Screen Printer

It's been a very busy few months with designing and unfortunate production problems!  A screen printing company out of New York by the name of Team Screen completely screwed us!  They received several pairs of our trunks to print on and never shipped a single pair to us?!  After countless attempts at communication, Ability hired an attorney to write letter heads requesting the trunks, and unfortunately Team Screen refused to respond, and we unfortunately never got the trunks.  Every letter head costs, and it got to the point where more money and time was being spent on collecting the trunks than the actual cost of them.   On top of that, Team Screen was doing all of our print work, which obviously ceased after that episode.  Therefore we had to search for new printers, and I'm happy to say that we have found a LEGIT one!  We're glad to say that the production is back on track, and Ability 2012  gear will be available soon!  Thanks for bearing with us through this difficult time!