Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seth Barrick | a couple clips during 'Katia' groundswell

Team rider Seth 'Wally' Barrick getting shacked in Kill Devil Hills, NC courtesy of Hurricane Katia!
Check out Wally's barrel at 2:30 into the vid (*they run it in slow mo at 2:40).
Seth Barrick in the Ability 'Operative' board shorts

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Drexler lays one out in ESM's World Travel issue!

Our one and only boogie guy- Ability family, Eric Drexler layed out a heavy photo in this month's ESM(Eastern Surf Magazine)! Check out the full mag and story here.
Eric Drexler | Lugo photo | Eastern Surf Magazine -

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jeffrey Myers doin' it.

Jeffrey Myers has been on a roll since the 4 star, ECSC contest in Virginia Beach, Va. Myers and Lost's Aaron Cormican have been shredding the Jersey coastline, as Gorkin prepares for the Quiksilver, CT event in New York this week. We got video's comin' for us...

Josh Richardson | Hurricane Irene | Tybee Island, Georgia

Team rider Josh Richardson plugged a photo in the "The Savannah now" wearing the Ability 'Blue Diamonds' baggies during a spell of Irene ground swell in Tybee Island, Georgia. You never know whether Josh will be riding a long or short board... either way, his photos always turn out with STYLE.

below Josh Richardson takes the top off of some Hurricane Irene ground swell in Tybee Island, Georgia