Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zach Thompson // Surf Carolina Magazine

Wilmington, North Carolina team rider Zach Thompson and photographer Robbie Johnson lined up on some fun ones recently at Carolina Beach. Be sure to check out www.surcarolinamagazine.com to keep up withthe latest issue releases and photos concerning the mag!

Team rider Zach Thompson // Robbie Johnson photos

Igor-aphobia Part 3 // www.easternsurf.com

In part III of easternsurf.com's "Igor-aphobia" photo feature, team rider Dallas Tolson and photographer Daniel Pullen nail one! For the full feature on www.easternsurf.com click here for"Igor-aphobia part III"

Dilly Dall literally in "the green room!"
Great photo by Daniel Pullen!

Avalon mini's

Ability fam Seth Barrick and Mark Dawson make the most out of some, chocolate mini's at Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills, NC - Outer Banks.

Igor-aphobia Part 2 // www.easternsurf.com

Ability professional Jeff Myers continues to blow up in the media as usual! Eastern Surf Magazine has featured a 3 part photo gallery for the Hurricane Igor swell on their online website, www.easternsurf.com. Be sure to check out "Igor-aphobia part II", which has Myers' photo on display here.

Jeffrey Myers lofting his way into focus. Photo - C. Wilson

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ability welcomes Josh Richardson

More new blood in the family! Ability welcomes 15 year old Josh Richardson of Savannah, GA to the surf team. Josh is an avid competitor in the ESA and NSSA and is currently leading the NSSA in the Southeast/North Conference in Open Longboard and Explorer Longboard.

Team rider Josh Richardson. Yes, Georgia does have waves.

Seth Barrick makes finals in the VQS-Kill Devil Hills

Team rider Seth Barrick made the finals in the Volcom Qualifying Series in Kill Devil Hills, NC this past weekend! Seth finished up with an impressive 6th place in the final round with Jesse Hines, Noah Snyder, Lucas Rogers, Mark Yonkers, and Drew Meredith(pretty much your worst nightmare of a final heat for a contest with a stack of names like that). As always Eastern Surf Magazine did an amazing job on covering the contest. A full "Fight Club" feature is up and ready to be viewed on www.easternsurf.com. With photographer Tom Dugan in the area, it was a 'no-brainer' that a photo like this would get plugged in the feature!

Seth Barrik // photo-Dugan // www.easternsurf.com

Also, Volcom professional Billy Hume has a commentary on Seth's performance in the contest as 'his favorite moment". Click here for the full feature on easternsurf.com

Our boy Seth in the "1.21 Jiggawatts" tee, which is available here

Myers and Igor

Leave it up to team rider Jeffrey Myers to find a window of perfection during the first pulses of the Hurricane Igor swell, when most of the Outer Banks sand bars were doubled-up and ripped-out. While photographer Tom Dugan of Eastern Surf Magazine(ESM) has been 'phlogging' his way around the East Coast throughout this Hurricane season, he managed to stop through the Outer Banks and snap a few shots! Myers flying the flag on easternsurf.com... "twice!"
Be sure to check out the full feature on here!

Jeffrey Myers // photo-Dugan // www.easternsurf.com

Jeffrey Myers // photo-Dugan // www.easternsurf.com

Saturday, September 11, 2010

ESM travel issue - "Hang Over Island" written by Jeff Myers

Team rider Jeff Myers wrote a great piece for Eastern Surf Magazine's(ESM) travel issue regarding his 3 week stint on "Hang Over Island" this past winter. For an entertaining story and some good laughs, pick up a copy of ESM at your local surf shop or view it online at www.easternsurf.com. North East based photographer, Nick Lavecchia captured some amazing photos of the trip that can be viewed in the magazine or on the site, www.getinthevan.com. Enjoy!

"Hang Over Island" in Eastern Surf Magazine, written by Jeff Myers.
photos in feature by Nick Lavecchia

The air shot that says it all!
In our opinion, this is one the best photos seen in a long time.
Great work on behalf of Myers and Lavecchia.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Team time traveler, Jeff Myers and friends get some post-Earl perfection on transworldsurf.com

Team time traveler, Jeff Myers and friends get the aftermath of Earl perfection on www.transworldsurf.com! For more photos and the full feature click here.
Jeff Myers leaning in to Earl perfection

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

more pre-Earl photos through the lens of Brandon Waterfield

Some more photos of the boys photographed by Brandon Waterfield in Kill Devil Hills.

Ronnie Brooks turn'age.

Barry Price Jr style.

Myers reverse.

A "No Name Nugget" slipped through the cracks...

With all the hurricane swell coverage and media hype over the last couple weeks on the East Coast, this Matt Lusk photo of pro, team rider Jeff Myers slipped through the cracks. It showed up on easternsurf.com's feature, "No Name Nuggets" sometime between Colin and Danielle.
Myers tail whipping and Lusk documenting.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Evan Runion takes it home!

Our newest addition to the surf team, 13 year old, Evan Runion took 1st place in the boy's shortboard divison at The South Carolina Governor's Cup of Surfing, which took place at the end of August in Folly Beach, SC. Big ups and congrats go out to Evan!
Team rider Evan Runion boosting his way into 1st place!
photo - Jim Whitney

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Easternsurf.com's feature on Danielle: "Oh No, She didn't!"

One last remnant of the Danielle swell! www.easternsurf.com(Eastern Surf Magazine's online website) had a great Danielle feature recapping the swell all along the eastern seaboard! Photogenic, pro team rider Jeffery Myers and photographer Micky '2M' McCarthey don't stop! Check out the full feature here!


As the Outer Banks of North Carolina(Ability's home base) is just hours away from Category 3, Hurricane Earl making a big impact along the coast, we wanted to share some captured moments of the swell that Earl produced days before he arrived here, which is literally happening now. Please keep your fingers crossed for the Outer Banks as a whole, but especially for Hatteras Island as it begins to take a beating as I type...

Good friend and Hatteras team rider, Dallas Tolson is riding out the storm down on the island. He made sure to get some good ones before battening down the hatches though! As 3 more storms are lining up directly behind Earl, you'll be sure to see more photos of Dallas in the next couple weeks!
photo - Kurt Kessler

Barry Price Jr drove down from Virginia Beach to catch a few in Kill Devil Hills.
photos - Micky '2M' McCarthey

Sterling 'Batboy' King was at ECSC for most of the Danielle swell but made it back to the Outer Banks just as Earl started to show up. photo - Micky '2M' McCarthey

Bradley vs. Danielle swell

While the 48th annual ECSC in Virgina Beach was going off due to the Danielle swell, the Outer Banks had it's moments as well... Just ask team rider Bradley Cockrill!

Bradley Cockrill, picture perfect on a brand new Mike Rowe custom!
photo: Mickey '2M' McCarthey

Bradley Cockrill laying one into Danielle
photo: Mickey '2M' McCarthey