Monday, October 1, 2012

Surfline's wrap up on the Outer Banks Pro 2012

The annual Hurley-WRV Outer Banks Pro went down this past weekend at Jennette's Pier in Nags Head, NC, and our boys Jeffrey Myers and Seth 'Wally' Barrick were there to represent.  Unfortunately the waves were meager, which left the boys hanging after the first couple rounds.  Big congrats to the 2012 Outer Banks Pro champ Aaron 'Gorkin' Cormican!  For the full photo feature and editorial piece on the contest(written by Matt Pruett), click here!  

(Myers, Gorkin, Nils) | Patrick Ruddy photo |

Expression Session warriors - Outer Banks Pro | Patrick Ruddy photo |

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taylor and Joe get 2 quick sessions

Ability family Taylor Ostlund and Joe Ward got 2 quick sessions in, a couple days ago.
I was there to film!  Here's a quickie little edit. Enjoy.
You can also view here:


Monday, September 17, 2012

Isaac and Leslie send some love to the Outer Banks(video)

Check out this little, non-branded video I filmed and edited featuring team rider Seth Barrick, along with Kim Diggs, Mark Dawson, Cheyne Magnusson, Ricky Whitlock, and Dege O'connell!
I'm stacking a lot of clips of the fam for a full length, Ability video production that will be completed down the road.  Stay tuned for a trailer some time in 2013...
For now, check this out.
You can also view the video here.

A little more Issac!

Graciously received this photo of  teamster Jeff Myers from photographer Jon Carter during the Isaac swell and wanted to include it in a post!  I believe it was taken at Pea Island's 'New Inlet' on the 1st or 2nd day of the Isaac swell. Thanks for the capture Jon!!!

Jeff Myers | Isaac swell | Jon Carter

Bud Lite Lime Labor Day Cup media frenzy(part 2)

Team rider Jeff Myers and photographer Matt Lusk plugged one on surfline's Bud Lite Lime Labor Day Cup feature!  Nice one boys!

Myers ripping in the "Blue Diamonds" trunks during his heats in the Bud Lite Lime Labor Day cup | Matt Lusk capture

Bud Lite Lime Labor Day Cup media frenzy(part 1)

Once again, we were really stoked to have a presence at the Bud Lite Lime Labor Day Cup!  Ability pro, team rider Jeff Myers received an invite into the event and made his and our presence known! These photos were plugged in ESM's online "BYOB" photo feature covering the contest.  Big thanks to ESM( for running these photos and the Bud Lite Lime surf contest tour series for holding an event on the Outer Banks!  Also big thanks to Matt Lusk for documenting these photos at the event! Check out the full feature here.

Myers , Benny B, and Bill'sh*t' Hume enjoying a cold one | Matt Lusk photo

Myers and Benny B holding up the Mens Bud Lite Lime Labor Day Cup champ, Gabe Kling! | Matt Lusk photo

Myers in ESM's online "Maiden Voyage"

Big thanks to Eastern Surf Magazine photographer Nate Adams for capturing this photo of team rider Jeff Myers during the Isaac swell, and another big thanks to for running it in their online photo editorial titled "Maiden Voyage", which offers several photos of the Isaac swell for your viewing pleasure!
For the full editorial and gallery, click here.

Team rider Jeff Myers in the "Tone Deaf" trunks | Nate Adams photo