Saturday, June 27, 2009


Our man MC Diggadee will be representing and spreading the good word at the massive Beltek Electronic Music and Arts Festival in Belmont, Maine July 31st through August 2nd! Massive logo plug on the flyer!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

International Surf Day :: Surfing Magazine :: Outer Banks

Ability teamrider / photo guy, Jeff Myers was managing to surf practically unrideable waves at the Surfing Mag / International Surf Day cookout.
Photographer Mickey McCarthy was there(with his new water housing) to prove it.
photo :: Mickey "2m" McCarthy

International Surf Day

Once again, Outer Banks based photog. Matt Lusk snapped some good clean shots on I.S.D., and once again teamrider Jeff Myers had the flag flying.

photo ::

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Surf Carolina Magazine June 2009

Bradley Cockrill grabbed the "Hot Shots" photo feature in Surf Carolina Magazine's June 2009 issue with a WICKED snap on his custom Eman-Ability board at Avalon Pier. Ronnie Brooks and Matt Joyner also plugged some photos. For more info and other photos check out

All photos::Robbie Johnson
Surf Carolina Magazine

Bradley Cockrill


Matt Joyner

Eastern Surf Magazine(ESM) June 2009

Team rider Jeff Myers landed 2 massive plugs for Ability in ESM's June 2009 issue.
Myers recently signed a 3 year pro deal with Ocean Potion sunscreen. Thanks Ocean Potion.

"Mid-Atlantic blah blahs"

"...first big move was signing Mid Atlantic
mainstay Jeff Myers to a three year
professional deal with Ocean Potion.
Jeff is also now representing
Ability Boardriding Systems.