Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trevor Lampton

One of Ability's newest additions to the skate team, Trevor Lampton has been holding things down between Wilmington and the Outer Banks- check out these photos of our boy Trevor doin' it!

"Local Sessions" magazine Oct/Nov 2010

Team rider's Jeffrey Myers and Dallas Tolson both plugged photos in Local Sessions' Oct/Nov issue! Be sure to pick up the mag in your local surf shop.

Jeff Myers 2nd full page plug to date in 'Local Sessions' mag
photo - LSM

Dallas Tolson cover up in Hatteras
photo - Kessler

Local Sessions cover Oct / Nov 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ability sightings- Stunna !

Chicago's, world reknowned, drum and bass DJ / producer "Stunna" aka "Jay Cappo" was seen rocking the Ability "Phat Cap" tee at "The Brooklyn Bowl" in NYC this past weekend, along side England's, world reknowned DJ / producer "LTJ Bukem" and "MC Conrad" of Good Looking Records. For more info on Stunna's work, be sure to click here. For more info on LTJ Bukem and Good Looking Records, click here.

Stunna aka Jay Cappo @ 'Brooklyn Bowl' in NYC
photo - Joanna Ormeland /

LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad @ Brooklyn Bowl in NYC
photo - Joanna Ormeland /

'Brooklyn Bowl'
photo - Joanna Ormeland /

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dallas Tolson likes Fall.

Hatteras team rider, Dallas Tolson likes Fall.

Kessler photo

Kessler photo

Kessler photo

Kessler photo

2m photo

2m photo

Saturday, October 2, 2010

"We got flies comin' for us." //

Team riders Jeffrey Myers, Dallas Tolson, and Jack Rebney(not pictured) plugged barrel sequence shots in's latest feature, "We got flies comin' for us." For the full feature and full sequences of the boys, click here!

Myers # 14 in a 20 shot sequence taken by photographer Tom Dugan of

Dallas Tolson #10 in a 19 shot sequence taken by photographer Mickey '2M' McCarthy