Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ability trunks review | Summer 2011

Before opening our board short sales to retail shops, Ability wanted to test the quality, durability, and comfort of our first series of baggies. Test pilots Jeffrey Myers, Dallas Tolson, Antwoine Langley, and Seth Barrick have been putting them to the test with successful results! The trunks are BUTTER. The 'Blue Diamonds' have inner, diamond-tech fabric, and the black 'Operative' trunks are 4-way stretch, super, light weight polyester. They are available in our online store at the moment and will be available in select shops soon! From top to bottom: Seth Barrick boosting in the "Blue Diamonds(Julie Deaton photo)", Antwoine Langley setting up somewhere in Costa Rica with the "Blue Diamonds"(unknown photog) , Jeffrey Myers lofting in the "Operative" baggies(2M photo), and Dallas Tolson squeezing in with the "Operative" trunks(2M photo).